About clutchplate.org

I’m telling myself that I may update this “about” page, because the main reason for blogging may change. Also, it lets me worry less about encapsulating everything here. Much of the explanation goes into stuff which deserves its own actual posts.

Roughly, I’d say its about realizing that Facebook wasn’t providing me actual connections with my friends and family in the way it should in order to be worth my time, and realizing that the way it’s run is really very bad for society, in terms of the algorithms that drive it trying to show us things that are good for making us stick around and view ads, rather than good for the users. Those drivers tend to be fear and anger, and I do believe this is contributing to the fraught state of the world (not that any human has ever avoided living in “interesting times”).

I’m also hoping that if I do this, maybe the idea will spread with my friends and family. Because I do want to hear what folks are up to, but I’d like to do it in a format where they post when they have an idea or concern they’ve been chewing on for a while, and space to express it. As opposed to social media, where one feels as though one is committing Russian Literature by starting a second paragraph.

That said, this is plenty long for an “about.”